SearchKings Breaks Out onto The Main Stage

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SearchKings Breaks Out onto The Main Stage

The age of Radio and TV advertising is swiftly drawing to a close, and in its place the era of digital marketing has dawned. With the advent of the Internet, digital media has grown explosively and as such the reach and targeting potential of digital advertising has grown to match.

Every era needs a standard bearer, and in the realm of Google Advertising, SearchKings Africa Reigns Supreme. Leading the way and on the cutting edge of digital marketing, SearchKings Africa is the premier service when it comes to delivering relevant ads to the targeted audiences. Each individual text ad and display banner is crafted with the end user in mind and our expertise ensure that the right people see our ads, meaning more awareness, more interest, and more clicks.

The News Takes Notice

Having a major impact on the marketing success of Small-to-Medium enterprises ensured that SearchKings Africa was bound to get the attention of the Press. In August 2018, SearchKings threw a Thank You party for all its clients, and with an open bar, whiskey tasting, professional catering and a speaker from Google. TechSmart seized this opportunity to interview our CEO and put SearchKings in the news.

What Makes Online Advertising Different?

Traditional forms of advertising relied on casting a broad net across a specific medium, (be it radio, TV or Billboard) and hoping that your target audience would see it, be influenced and act. With Online Advertising, that is no longer the case. Each Ad made by SearchKings is delivered to the right person at the right time, to ensure relevancy and maximise success. Whether through active searching on Google, or casual browsing through the vast ‘Display Network’, the online activity of the user ensures that our ads get shown to the target individuals that we deem would find our ads relevant and act on them – minimising cost and maximising success.

Every Click Counts, And Is Counted

Online Advertising is a data driven, scientific field. We measure hard metrics such as clicks, impressions (how often the ad is seen) and conversions (when the user takes an action). We base our marketing decisions on fact and not sentiment or conjecture. Our numbers don’t lie, which means your success is measurable.

The Impact of SearchKings

The focus of SearchKings is not only about increasing the bottom line. There is major emphasis on giving back. Whether it be through direct outreach, like with Reach For A Dream or We Think Code, or through the growth of a small business like Pauls Homemade Ice-cream, there is nothing more gratifying than helping others. To avail yourself of SearchKings’ service, we encourage prospective customers to reach out to us via our website for a thirty-minute consultation.

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