SearchKings Africa Invited to Google Partners Programme launch in Nigeria

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SearchKings Africa Invited to Google Partners Programme launch in Nigeria

SearchKings, was hand selected and invited by Google to the prestigious launch event of the Google Partners Programme at The Zone Tech Park Conference Centre, Lagos in September 2018.

Due to our success in South Africa and our compelling story, we were Google’s choice of Agency to share our expertise at the event — something we were profoundly humbled and incredibly excited to be a part of.

Nigeria has one of Africa’s largest online populations with over 91 million users accessing the internet each month.

This Google Partners Programme aimed to inspire, inform and excite local agencies about the benefits of being a Google partner and how this can help change their business models for the better.

We were honoured to be held up as an example, and light the way for other agencies who are planning to empower local SMBs by taking Nigeria’s Digital Ecosystem to the next level.

Not only does our inclusion showcase the strength and passion we have cultivated in our company, but it also gave us the opportunity to share the knowledge and expertise that have made us one of the fastest growing Google Partner Agencies in Africa.

Our founder, Brett Perlstein, addressed a crowd of over 400 in his keynote speech. In it, he shared his personal journey and the story of how SearchKings Africa grew to over 200 happy customers and scaled their business with Google as our partner.

Brett also shared some of his most valuable business insights that helped him to grow a sustainable business with Google as a partner. These included concepts such as ‘knowing your WHY’, ‘understanding your customer’, ‘developing your customer experience by knowing your genius’ as well as ‘the importance of embracing technology’.

Brett was also able to spend some time on the ground in Nigeria before and after the conference, fostering relationships and learning more about doing business in Nigeria.

This event was an incredible experience for us as a growing business, it opened SearchKings Africa up to new opportunities, further cemented our partnership with Google and gave us invaluable insight into the Northern African markets.

The event was a massive success, we loved our time in Nigeria and are excited to be a part of similar events in the future. Watch this space!

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