MADRENT – a long-term vehicle rental company – offers a rent to own or rent to buy agreement model that puts customers in their dream car within 60 minutes. Not only can customers rest assured that these cars are safe and reliable, but they will also benefit from risk based pricing to ensure lower purchase value at the end of the deal to support car ownership.

Mark Cohen, CEO of MADRENT, knew that when he started his new venture, finding a way to market it meaningfully would be both critical and challenging. He tried various traditional methods of marketing with little to no major traction. Mark soon realised that he needed to ensure more bang for his buck and looked to re-allocate his marketing budget online.

I had heard wonderful things about Brett and his team at SearchKings™ and approached them to help us reach our target audience at scale.” said Mark.

Aside from the good reviews, SearchKings™ position as one of Africa’s fastest growing Google Premier Partners sealed the deal for Mark. He partnered with SearchKings™ and has never looked back. “Before we partnered with SearchKings™ we tried other methods of above the line and print marketing, but the approach didn’t yield the customers nor the return. We quickly realised we needed to change our strategy” Enter SearchKings™.

“The SearchKings team™ showed us a different way of engaging with the market – first and most critically to identify who our customers actually were, where they were located and what they were actively looking for online. It was a game-changer”.

Soon with data and insights from SearchKings™, Mark was able to identify exactly where he needed to `fish” to catch customers. This information could not have been possible without advertising on Google. Soon 8-10 deals a month became anything between 40 – 50. “SearchKings™ could geographically pin-point our target audience online. While we had predominantly focused our efforts on Gauteng, suddenly we had access to pockets of the right people in the likes of East London and Durban, something we never would have considered or had to access to if not for the data from SearchKings™.”


Traditional forms of marketing did not yield the interest, leads or results that MADRENT needed to grow both their monthly car deals and their online presence. Competing in a competitive Rent to Own Car market in South Africa, the business required a strategic and customised marketing approach with a key focus on intent driven marketing.



Create an inbound lead centric website designed to leverage Google Marketing solutions for the business to best measure all inbound leads. This was done by:

  • Taking advantage of SearchKings™ propriety developed phone call tracking solution.
  • Tracking all inbound email leads and contact forms.
  • Providing the customer with real time data and scalable reporting via SearchKings™ custom-built mobile reporting application.
  • Showcasing the attribution between revenue and leads volumes to accurately measure return on investment (ROI).


The target audience online predominantly accesses information online via their mobile devices. Ensuring the website is geared towards conversion on mobile devices was essential to the campaign success.

SearchKings™ designed a responsive mobile-friendly website with convenient touch screen navigation and hot buttons for quick contact & click to call functionality that are always visible to the user.

Optimised mobile bid adjustments to ensure that MADRENT had maximum visibility for key searches on these devices by both geolocation and time of day.


Featuring banner ads on Google’s Display Network is now more important than ever for brands with a national footprint. Understanding your audience online and keeping your brand top mind in the user’s lead time to sale was at the forefront of unlocking value in the business.

SearchKings™ designed custom display banners based on key data points found within MADRENT’s audience online. These banners were carefully disseminated to targeted customers who are deciding between service providers in their critical moment of intent.


Youtube is the world’s largest video network and fast becoming the go to place where South Africans are consuming rich media content. By better understanding MADRENTs audience and their online behaviour SearchKings™ help Mark move marketing budget from expensive above the line alternatives to YouTube in showcasing an explainer video on how MADRENT can have you driving away in the car of your dreams in 60 minutes.