How Secure is Your Google Profile's Digital Data?


The age old, “My nephew is good with computers. He created our website and Google Analytics profile for us”. Well that might have been the case then. It’s now 3 years later and you want to start doing a Google Ads campaign but sadly said nephew cannot recall the Gmail logins for the profile nor is he able to retrieve the account… problem!

Solution? Start with a new Google Analytics profile.
Downside? There is no historical user data.

One might giggle at the above sentiment but it is a reality I see weekly. Many customers do not know who has access to their Google Analytics, Google My Business and Google Search Console profiles.

Besides not having historical data to reference for more intuitive campaign development – which includes critical details of your target audience and their past behavior on your website –  building new campaigns means starting from scratch.

There are other implications varying from issues with verifying your Google Merchant Center and Search Console when you want to get down and serious with Google Ads advertising.

Another common scenario I see is the legacy handover issue of the last agency that was used 3 years ago. Their services may have been cancelled but they may still have access to your Google Analytics and other Google profiles. It is not to say that they will use your data negligently to compare with similar customers, but rather mitigate the risk – as a business owner you want to have more control over these platforms. Call me paranoid, but I try to eliminate any “what ifs” I can actually control.

Customer data is key in today’s digital environment and securing that data is becoming more important than ever before with compliance implications for all businesses . Managing and monitoring who has access to your Google profiles is a very easy task but often neglected.

Other problematic scenarios include, Merchant Center verifications for your E-commerce store, duplicate Google My Business profiles for your business and Search Console verifications for your SEO organic rankings. 

There are various ways to reconcile your Google profiles under one umbrella. Simply starting by giving all profiles access to a single Gmail or G Suite account that won’t be deleted then adding backup accounts to said account. If your digital landscape is in current disarray, reach out to us at SearchKings™ Africa and we will gladly put an action plan in place to assist you in closing any open loops and reconciling your profiles.