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Customer Comebacks

While hard lockdown feels like a distant memory for some as the country re-opens, it is anything but for many, particularly those in the travel, tourism, and service industry. The Restaurant Association of SA (RASA) estimates that restrictions on eateries resulted in 1,100 restaurants shutting down during the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic alone.…

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Clarify Your Brand Workshop

We have previously shared how SearchKings™ Africa can help to turn your website into a sales machine. Beyond the wireframe of your website, it’s fundamental to have clear messaging so your potential customers can answer three questions: What do you actually offer? How will it benefit me or make my life better? What do I…

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More bang for new client buck

More bang for new client buck One of the many advantages of working with SearchKings™ Africa is that we meet Google’s highest standards and criteria for qualification, transparency, and customer service. This means we are classified as a Google Premier Partner. As one of only 3% of digital agencies hand-selected in South Africa with the…

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Turn your website into a sales machine

Turning your website into a sales machine Most websites we see online are best described as the equivalent of an advertising billboard. The information is static, there is no clear action for each person reading it, and often the content is vague or confusing. In the Kingdom, we say gone are the days of “billboard”…

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Meet Natasha and Reegan

Meet Natasha and Reegan What a fantastic way to kick off 2022 as we welcome two new members to the Kingdom, Natasha Desiree Nair, and Reegan Du Buisson. Meet Project Manager Natasha whose organisational abilities and planning finesse ensures seamless execution on all projects in the Kingdom. With a background in the chaotic worlds of…

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Farewell Jordan

Farewell Jordan It is always hard to say goodbye to our Kings and Queens in the kingdom but it is also a proud moment to watch great talent develop, succeed and move on.  It’s time to bid Jordan Shandler, co-head of the Google Ads team at SearchKings™ Africa, farewell and good luck as he takes…

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A Year that was

Reflecting back on 2021, a year of challenges, learnings, and big leaps Dear customers, colleagues, and friends It’s time to wrap 2021 and year 2 of living amidst a global pandemic. While we were all better prepared to work remotely, welcomed the vaccination roll-out and have become adept in the art of social distancing, the…

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A special festive season donation

A special festive season donation No matter who you are or what you believe, there is something special about exchanging gifts at this time of year. As a business with giving back soaked into our core, we look forward to using this time to make our annual donation to a worthy organisation in lieu of…

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Welcome to the Kingdom

We are very excited to introduce you to our newest recruit, Google Ads Account Strategist Janno du Preez. Janno has joined SearchKings™ Africa for a variety of reasons. He calls out how he feels the values and environment of the company fit well with him as one of the key motivations. And of course, the…

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Wisdom from our Canadian cousins

Since SearchKings™ Africa opened its doors in Johannesburg in 2013, we have worked closely with our sister company SearchKings™ Canada gleaning insights and leveraging best practices from each other to better support our customers. This month we had the pleasure of hosting one of our North American colleagues, Mathew Vincent,  an e-commerce expert, in our…

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